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SomePythonThings Calc

A great calculator for Windows, Mac and Android!

ElevenClock from SomePythonThings

Have a secondary taskbar native clock on your secondary display on Windows 11.

WingetUI Store from SomePythonThings

A Graphical Store for Winget and Scoop package managers on Windows 10 and 11.

SomePythonThings Zip Manager

It could not be easier to manage ZIPs than now with SomePythonThings Zip Manager!

SomePythonThings Music

Download and play your favourite music with this versatile music player.

SomePythonThings Browser

Surf the internet with only a 10.16mb aplication!

SomePythonThings Goggle Search

A simple search window fantastic for new pages! If you write an url, it opens the URL. IF not, it searchs it on google.

SomePythonThings Text Editor

A easy-to use text and code editor for macOS and Windows.

SomePythonThings iTunes Laucher for macOS 10.15 and +

An app wich allows you to run iTunes on macOS catalina or avobe

SomePythonThings Paint

Paint your ideas with SomePythonThings Paint.

Website News

6/10/2021: ElevenClock versions 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 released fixing issues with locales and more features (all details on GitHub)

24/9/2021: SomePythonThings Zip Manager version 4.2 arrived: Added more functionality to the extraction tab, some extra capabilities, optimized code, bugfixes and improvements.

19/9/2021: A new program is joining the crew today: ElevenClock. ElevenClock is a simple program with recreates windows systejm tray clock on secondary taskbars in windows 11. If you find annoying not having a secondary clock, give it a try!

12/9/2021: the slowlyness of this website has been finally fixed. This was triggering infinite updater loops and other issues. Sorry for any inconveniences.

13/4/2021: SomePythonThings Zip Manager is available on the winget package manager for windows 10 and 11. SomePythonThings Calc and SomePythonThings Music are going to be available on winget eventually with newer releases.

6/6/2021: SomePythonThings Zip Manager version 4.0 and 4.1 for desktop arrived: Just redesigned, from the first button to the last python function. Just install and enjoy

17/4/2021: SomePythonThings Music version 3.0 for desktop arrived: Lots of new features, like video downloading, library administration and much more!

7/3/2021: SomePythonThings Calc version 3.8 for desktop arrived: Introducing trigonometry tools, degrees, radians, light theme and more!

20/1/2021: SomePythonThings Website has been migrated successfully due problems with https certificates, where http protocols were redirceted to https, and the updaters and the installers were unable to retrieve lastest versions. The issue has been fixed and all the installers and updaters should work as expected.

16/2/2021: SomePythonThings Music version 2.2 arrived: Huge stability improvements on macOS, added a searchbox to search on your music, fixed seeking on windows, and many more improvements

7/2/2021: SomePythonThings Music version 2.1 arrived: Patch update, with lots of minor improvemnts and other new minor features

31/1/2021: SomePythonThings Music version 2.0 arrived: Playback system redesigned, compatible with macOS. Added a tool to download music from the internet and lots of more new features.

15/1/2021: SomePythonThings Zip Manager version 3.1 has arrived! A minor update providing sittle improvements and bugfixes over the version 3.0

31/12/2020: Compressing redesigned. SomePythonThings Zip Manager version 3.0 has arrived! Rebuilt all the UI, compression algoritm improvments, general improvements, tweaking and bugfixes.

11/12/2020: SomePythonThings Calc version 3.7 for desktop arrived: Introduced Round UI, fixed some minor bugs and general improvements

30/11/2020: SomePythonThings Music version 1.1 arrived: Windows and Linux now work more smoothly and faster, package size decrased, but dropped macOS support temporarily.

21/11/2020: SomePythonThings Browser for android version 1.5 arrives with lots of UI improvements, new functions and lots of news exciting features.

21/11/2020: SomePythonThings Music version 1.0 arrived: This is the first version of a music player that will change the the way music is played on your computer!

15/11/2020: SomePythonThings Calc version 3.6 for desktop arrived: Fixed a calculation bug that may give -4 as result for (-2)^(2). macOS update system fixed, UI improvements and other bug fixes.

1/11/2020: SomePythonThings Zip Manager version 2.3 has arrived! Now you can slect more than one file at once, and you can select also the compression algorithm. Other small improvements and bugfixes.

25/10/2020: SomePythonThings Zip Manager version 2.2 has arrived! Minor UI improvements (fonts, scrollbars and progressbars), Update system improved, and other minor fixes

18/10/2020: SomePythonThings Calc version 3.5 for desktop arrived: Lots of UI improvements, lots of new features,and lots of things. Full list here

27/9/2020: SomePythonThings Calc version 3.4 for desktop arrived: Solved a bug that may have caused windows users wrong pi and e values. Added the ability to write operations on the x and the y letters. Other little improvements

26/9/2020: An semi-automatic update system is being introduced. On debian, the install will be automatic, and on windows and macOS, the installer/dmg file is going to be downloaded and opened without user interaction.

26/9/2020: SomePythonThings Zip Manager version 2.1 has arrived! Application not hanging, Buttons rearrangement, new auto-update system (you'll be able to see that on the nex update) and Cancel buttons added.

13/9/2020: Finally, I've managed to create debian files. For the moment, they are available for the Zip Manager and on the Calculator, and they will arrive on new releases of the other programs!

12/9/2020: Changed license from Creative Commons 4.0 to Apache 2.0

12/9/2020: SomePythonThings Calc version 3.3 for desktop arrived: Added x, y, pi and e symbols on macOS and Linux, where users may have seen squares instead. Lots of bug fixes (Because I've managed to debug Python with VS Code) and little improvements.

10/9/2020: With a 100% new UI, SomePythonThings Zip Manager version 2.0 has arrived! Fixed macOS unstability, now chrome and python are not required, and many more features!

6/9/2020: SomePythonThings Zip Manager version 1.3 arrived: Now you can see the actual extracting progress on the progress bar and the file being extracted. Bug fixes

5/9/2020: SomePythonThings Calc version 3.2 for desktop and 3.3 for android arrived: Added x, y, pi and e numbers.

10/8/2020: SomePythonThings Calc version 3.2 for android arrived: Bug fixes, little UI improvements and added number formatting system

19/7/2020: SomePythonThings Browser for android version 1.3 arrives with lots of GUI improvements, history now works, and you can delete cookies and all the data of the browser.

19/7/2020: SomePythonThings Calc version 3.1 arrived (for android also :D): Now, instead of using 300mb of disk space, the porgram only takes between 30 and 80mb. We improved also update system. The program is faster now.

11/7/2020: SomePythonThings Calc version 3.0 arrived: Lots of bugs fixes, UI egnine switched to PyQt5 System

10/7/2020: A system to easily install programs on linux is coming on next releases!

15/6/2020: SomePythonThings Text Editor version 2.3 arrived: Improvements on saving and opening system and other minor bug fixes

15/6/2020: SomePythonThings Zip Manager version 1.2 arrived: Solved a bug that prevented ZIPs from being created randomly, UI improvements and minor bug fixes.

15/6/2020: SomePythonThings Calc version 2.4 arrived: Solved calculation error bug, UI improvements and some other bug fixes.

8/6/2020: SomePythonThings Zip Manager 1.1 arrived: Solved a bug that prevented files for not being compressed, added progressbar, add folder button, clear files button and UI improvements!